Instagram post by Viral Makeup Tips • Oct 5, 2017 at 4:47pm UTC

Instagram post by Viral Makeup Tips • Oct 5, 2017 at 4:47pm UTC

  1. c_nadyawina

    Tula @ulfanioktarina

  2. zahra_mr3


  3. mmlakalrwh952017

    عااا المكياج الة دور

  4. lydiahirzallah21

    It pains me to see this. People are just hurting themselves by not embracing their uniqenesses. I know its easier for me to say than done for you and you want to get rid of it anyway, i know. This is just a waste of money and time because you know when you wash it off your face its still there. Try to safe your money and get some lasertherapy and i also have products that people would love to try. Weather its for skin impurities, stretchmarks, chickenskin. Just send me a message if interessted. Yours Sincerely, Lydia Hirzallah from the Netherlands

  5. lydiahirzallah21

    By the way, you are pretty anyway

  6. pelagiaa27

    Aaaaa pengen mbak 😭😭😭😭😭

  7. likemoon98


  8. rumeysa.snmez

    Fondotenin markasi ne??

  9. elmira.rahbari


  10. kdejesus_inc

    Dude. She's so pretty with her freckles. 😍

  11. _little.kei

    @diwbkcodn 外國人如何化妝😂😂😂

  12. haleywalker___

    Oml 😍

  13. yntaa

    @lydiahirzallah21 i'm with you

  14. morgana_orsenigo

    @annaceri_ la preferisco con le lentiggini

  15. mariatonav

    @emegonmu increíble!! 🙈

  16. nxxs8op


  17. emegonmu

    @mariatonav No Veas.. Parece Otra Persona

  18. pichalope

    No te tapes las pecas! Estás mucho mejor sin taparlas! Te hacen diferente... Con el maquillaje eres otra chica guapa más... Pero sin él... Increíble!

  19. famouswarriorrr

    She looks better with her freckles not covered up

  20. yeganegharibi

    این کرماش دو روزه تموم میشن

  21. nicolifeblog

    Wow! Amazing coverage! 👍

  22. _http.sxlo_

    @leasxphie.x 😊🔴

  23. dr_haneen_clean

    تعالو نتخلص من الوزن الزايد بدون ترهلات وذبول بالبشرة مع مجموعه كلين ناين 🚫🚫 بدايت صحي وطبيعى بوقت قياسي😍

  24. hoentschii

    @adiex_x why ? 🤔

  25. highby_thenbhd

    She’s pretty without makeup, I know. But it’s her wish, she likes more with makeup? Then let her. Don’t stand for “be nature, ya pretty without makeup y ya doin it”, but stand for “do what makes ya feel better”

  26. slime_seller_lol

    Don't cover ur natural beauty

  27. love.chou_soohyun2


  28. motion_of_le_ocean

    Uhhh. Freckles ❤️❤️ she’s so pretty. With & without

  29. kizawie

    I wouldn't put lipstick on before foundation. Seems like it's more work that way

  30. 0ll0ll

    @sania.sht این چقدر شبیه توعه

  31. morganelainexx

    @liv._.123 it’s the L’Oréal infallible total coverage!

  32. liv._.123

    @morganelainexx tysm😂❤️

  33. sania.sht

    @0ll0ll راست میگیاااا 😀😀😀

  34. valdene_viana_

    Linda maqueada👏👏👏

  35. sofescobarr

    @nataliaasanchezm 😂😂😂

  36. cleopaya


  37. furlancinha

    @ktelpriv olha isso a mulher esconde todas as sardas e eu n consigo esconder uma simples marca de machucado

  38. ktelpriv

    @furlancinha AMG eu nao sei nem passar blush